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School Advisory Council

School Advisory Committee Tidbits

The School Advisory Council is a group of parents, staff and community members that creates initiatives to support education in our school.

The E.B. Chandler School Advisory Committee (SAC) has met this school year on Oct. 17 and Nov. 7.  The next meeting is planned for January 9, 2014.  Our SAC committee consists of two co-chairs: Mrs. Nancy Letcher and Ms. Patti Bennett, Ms. Nordby, Mrs. Beed, Mrs. Majithia, Mrs. Vanessa Jones, Mrs. Joann Carter, Mrs. Christina Chitty and two students from Student Council.

Business discussed out our recent SAC meetings include: the Student Code of Conduct, namely the use of electronics and dress code at EBC, a Wellness Fair planned for 2014 and communication to parents.  Student Council members have been working on a student survey regarding electronics at school.  Electronics surveys have been distributed to staff and will be given to students in the near future. 

Thank you to members of our SAC committee for your time and dedication to E.B. Chandler.  If parents/guardians have any questions or concerns, you may use the form on the bottom of this Chat and return it to school office or contact one of the committee members.


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