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E. B. Chandler Jr. High School Library

JUNE 2016

The EBC school year is coming quickly to a close. Dedicated readers of EBC (you know who you are...) won FIRST PLACE in the Tartan Division for the WOW Reading Challenge. Great Job!!! The banner can be seen in the EBC Library.

Library books are due back. Bills for overdue books have been given out. If you have the book, return it!!! Easy to do. 

If the book isn't returned, you have to pay for it. Payments for overdue library books can be made at the office. There is a bright side though, if you find your book after you have paid for it, return the book to the office, and you will get your money back. 

Congratulations to the Grade 8's on their graduation!! Grade 7's, we will see you next year as the new Grade 8's. Have a wonderful summer!!

Mrs. Glennie

EBC Librarian






Welcome to the E.B. Chandler School Library!!

Maureen Glennie is the Library Services Person for E.B. Chandler. The Library is open three days a week:Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Open at 8:30 each day, the library is available for students in the morning, at noon and through class visits with their teacher, or on their own with a teacher's permission. Silent reading, research, you name it, the learning never ends... 


RICK RIORDAN MYTHOLOGY WRITING CONTEST: Students have sent in their entries for this contest, which is sponsored by Scholastic. There will be 10 Grand Prize winners who will get a signed copy of Rick Riordan's Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, Book 1: The Sword of Summer. Results will be posted in the EBC newsletter and on the Scholastic website. http//www.scholastic. ca



WOW Reading Challenge begins on November 30/2015. Stop into the library and get a reading log from Mrs. Glennie. Keep track of the pages you have read by writing them down in the log. Every month, tell Mrs. Glennie how many pages you have read and your name gets entered in a draw for a bag of books!!! As well, you can add a LEGO brick to the Reading Tower that students are building in the EBC Library. 


Mrs. Glennie applied to Brilliant Labs for a LEGO project to build a tower from LEGO bricks to represent how many books are borrowed from the EBC library. On Nov. 17, our school library received five hundred dollars worth of LEGO bricks . Stop into the library and see the tower!! 



Thursday,Sept 3/2015 marked the first day of school for the 2015-2016 school year. The E.B. Chandler School Library had visits from three classes today. It was great to meet the Grade 7D, 7G class on the morning tour, and I got to have an infomation/borrowing session this afternoon with the Grade 7E and their ELA teacher, Mrs. Nelson. Lots of great readers!!! I hope the everyone had a great day. Over the summer, I came across this quote and it fits perfectly for today:

"May this school year bring you happiness galore

and may you enjoy it right to the core".





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