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Ms. Meldrum- ELA

Welcome to EBC!

November book orders due November 13.

Grade 7 ELA

:) Assignments to be done:

  • NO EXCUSE WORDS quiz-F/G/I- November 25
  • working on "Scary Stories"



Coming up- reading with expression- reader's theatre

Strategy- reading with expression (reading a play)

  • 7A- Monkey's Paw
  • 7D,G- Dracula



Strategy- review of reading strategies, 5 Things We Do Every Time We Read, beginning making connections and asking questions

Novel study- realistic fiction- Firegirl

Reading individual books- Journals


Strategy- "No Excuse Words," review of writing strategies and writing process

:) writing scary stories using narrative and imaginative styles of writing

  • capitalization
  • punctuation use
  • editing strategies




  • Reading- visualization and plot diagrams
  • Writing- ideas






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